Medimpact was established on June, 29, 1881 as a vegetable tannery workshop in Medias owned by Samuel Karres jr. At the beginning 3 employees were working there, 1 trained worker, 1 laborer and one apprentice.
The workshop was continuously developing till 1887 when the number of employees reached to 10. Starting from 1988 the workshop began a mechanization process buying a steam locomotive and a galley machine. During the years to come the workshop expanded to the capacity of 17000 pieces of leather processed in 1914 with 60 workers. In 1930 beside the two activities already performed, processing buffs for crepe and manufacturing transmission straps, production of technical goods for textile industry started.
 In 1932 polish leather uppers were produced and in 1933 the tannery was extended and the company name was changed in “Samuel Karres stock leather company”. Until 1938 company continued to buy equipment and machinery up to 504 pieces and the authorized capital reached 25 million lei. Annual production was 641 tons of crepe, 58000 sq m uppers, meaning an equivalent global production of 12.5 million lei. In 1944 company's authorized capital was over 300 million lei, working full production capacity.
Because in 1947 the company was sold to an anonymous company the nationalization from 1948 found it in a difficult situation both from economical and administrative point of view.
After 1948 the name of the company was changed in “Record”, the value of the global production was over 23 million lei, 76% higher than in 1938, and the value of the goods production exceeded 22 million lei.
In April 1951 the name of the company changed in “I.I.S 8 May Leather and Shoe Factory” and than again in 1991 when it became SC MEDIMPACT SA.
Since 1997 the company has developed and implemented Management Quality System ISO 9001.


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